Welcome Workforce Applicants

The City of East Chicago Workforce Employment Connection website centralizes the opportunity for East Chicago residents to market their skills while seeking employment, and assists contractors in seeking the local workforce necessary to meet the City of East Chicago requirements needed for an awarded project. All residents who are submitting their resume(s) through this site acknowledge the understanding that at any time, they must be prepared to PROVIDE ANY VALID PROOF OF RESIDENCY THAT MAY BE REQUESTED BY A CONTRACTOR OR CITY OF EAST CHICAGO HUMAN RIGHTS PERSONNEL.

Once registered, you will be able to upload one or more resumes to the appropriate work category and include your phone contact information as well as availability/work schedule information. If your skillset is diverse, you can create multiple resumes, and upload each into the category of work it applies to. Only one resume per category and they must be uploaded one at a time.

Once your resume is uploaded to the site, any Contractor who is awarded a construction project from the City of East Chicago will be required to review the resumes' on this site to help fill their requirements of hiring East Chicago residents for their respective project.

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